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Ramona Grigg is a Michigan-based freelance writer specializing in liberal political opinion and social commentary with a light touch and humor where needed.
Her background, reaching back to pre-internet, is in newspapers and magazines. She came to blogging on the day Barack Obama was inaugurated, when she published the first post on Ramona's Voices. It has been running for more than 10 years.
Published in Medium, Huffington Post, Crooks & Liars, Broad-side, National Memo, Dagblog, and other online political resources.
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Ramona Grigg, blogger, essayist, columnist
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What if We Can't Fix This? Is Dystopia all There Is?

We’re at a point, as a country, where we either choose democracy and the rule of law or we give in to fascistic authoritarianism. We still have a choice. But we have to ask ourselves hard questions:

What if nobody goes to jail for kidnapping refugee children?

What if we never find those missing children?

What if we can’t bring drug prices and health costs down?

What if we never come up with the money to help Puerto Rico?

What if Flint never has clean water?

What if bigger and bigger guns kill more and more Americans?

What if abortions become illegal and contraceptives become contraband?

What if “The Handmaid’s Tale” becomes a handbook for certain powerful men?

What if the LGBT community never achieves equality?

What if people of color are in even more danger?

What if those promoting a corrupted version of Christianity get to make our nation’s moral rules?

What if Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting join together and become state TV?
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I Am That Liberal You Think You Know

It wasn’t hard to convince the many millions that health, wealth, and happiness could only come from a government without teeth, from the benevolence of ridiculously powerful corporations, and, if all else failed, from that venerable standby, Old Testament God.

All that stood in the way were those insufferable Liberals.
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Harper Lee: You Don't Know Me.
"More than 50 years ago Nelle Harper Lee wrote a book called “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It was her one and only book and it is a masterpiece, but the story behind it has always been a tantalizing enigma.
Through the years there have been rumors that her best friend and neighbor, Truman Capote, edited her writing so much, by rights he actually wrote it.
The fact that Lee never published another book gives doubters reason to corroborate that notion, but I’ve never bought it. She lived in a small Alabama town, her father was a trial lawyer, she knew well the story of the 1930s Scottsboro trial, where a group of young black boys were accused of raping a white woman in Alabama, she studied law herself, was a Fulbright Scholar at Oxford, and she was not a novice at writing."