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Dan Connell is a visiting scholar at Boston University’s African Studies Center & a retired lecturer in journalism and African studies at Simmons College, Boston. His reports on the Horn of Africa have been carried by numerous print and broadcast media, and he’s the author or editor of 10 books, including "Against All Odds: A Chronicle of the Eritrean Revolution" (1997); "Conversations with Eritrean Political Prisoners" (2005); and a "Historical Dictionary of Eritrea" (2010). He’s currently working on a book on the experiences of Eritrean refugees.
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"Eritrean Afars: The refugees you never hear about" Middle East Report (Fall 2015): Eritrea’s refugee crisis makes news when asylum seekers from the country's central highlands show up at Europe’s borders after trekking through Sudan and Libya—or drown crossing the Mediterranean. But Eritrean Afars who flee—and there are thousands—live on the other side of the Horn of Africa facing the Arab world where they are ignored by western media and aid agencies alike.
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"Eritrean refugees' trek through the Americas," Middle East Report (Summer 2015): Hundreds of Eritrean refugees each year seek safe haven in the United States through the back door—flying to Ecuador and traveling overland, often at great risk, to reach the Mexican border. I caught up with two last March in Tapachula.
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"Crushing repression of Eritrea's citizens is driving them into migrant boats," The Guardian (April 2015): To stem the tide of Eritrean asylum seekers heading for Italy, policymakers need to ensure the country is really on a path from dictatorship to nascent democracy.