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L. Joseph
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Parker MD, MSc
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Dr. Parker’s rare blend of scientific expertise, military leadership, and medical acumen has allowed him to contribute significantly to the advancement of science and the betterment of human health and safety. He writes as an advocate for physicians and patients and for the humane treatment of those suffering from addiction and the incarcerated.
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Dr. Joseph Parker
Work Sample 1 Description
The Death of Excited Delirium - a commentary on an excuse to kill that evaluates the historical origin and dubious medical support for a political rather than evidence-based diagnosis.
Work Sample 2 Description
Who gets to decide which patients are worthy of pain treatment? Your doctor? Or any federal agent or attorney? The answer to this question will determine the soul of medical practice in this country. Tens of thousands of Americans are dying because of government interference in the practice of medicine, while thousands of doctors are being targeted for destruction.
Work Sample 3 Description
Concerning the Execution of a Bad Man - a commentary on the death penalty in the South.