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Everyone calls me AJ, my published works are mostly all under AJ T. Cole or my maiden name Ashley Johnson. I am an accomplished creative writer, published author, and strategic communicator.

In 2009, I was recognized as the Spring Recipient of Indiana University Northwest's Diversity Landmark Award. I won this prestigious award after submitting an original piece on diversity and equity, resulting in a bronze plaque proudly displayed in the main hall of the campus.

As a self-published author, I have released multiple business books, including my upcoming publication, "The Bootstrapper's Playbook: Thriving in Business with Limited Funds," set to be released later this winter. My previous works have showcased an ability to navigate various business topics and provide valuable insights to readers. Most recently, I have been working on creative writing projects and released the first episode of "The Altered Blueprint: A Vision for Transcendent Evolution" a sci-fi dramedy with forward-thinking approach to societal and organizational transformation.

My expertise extends beyond creative writing, as a serial hobbyist with a natural disposition for hyperfixating, I possess a remarkable skill for researching and deciphering technical, regulatory, and medical information. Throughout my career, I have excelled in strategic communication initiatives, cultivating impactful brand presence, and building sustainable partnerships. My capabilities in operational and crisis communications, reputation management, and decision-making have consistently delivered positive results. My neurodivergent brain has enables me to quickly come up with creative solutions to solve complex challenges and through writing I am best able to convey sensible solutions.
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Sci-fi dramedy series, ongoing creative writing work.
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Human resources safety guidance for employees and for organizations managing fleets of all varieties.
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