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Robert J. Finn - Writer, Journalist, Researcher, Comedy Nerd - Managing Director @
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Conceived, researched, collected, interviewed, catalogued, interviewed & hosted the SNL Audition Yearbook & Compendium,
- Updated constantly with new information and newly confirmed auditonees
- Head writer & interviewer of SNL Auditionees & their stories, including Laraine Newman (1st Season SNL Cast Member), Dane Cook & Piotr Michael (Joe Biden on Jimmy Kimmel [VO & Mo.Cap.]
- Compiled & am steadily growing digital video library associated with each auditionee and story @.
Work Sample 2 Description
Expert Panelist, Guest & Host across Podcasts in:
- SNL & Comedy
- Media & Television
- Business & Commerce

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Work Sample 3 Description
Multi-disciplinary Writer & On-Camera correspondent - see links above

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