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Mr. Mitchell is a practicing attorney with over 25 years of experience. He is also a Freelance Writer and Contributor, who is a staunch advocate for Freedom of Speech. He shares his commentary, opinion, and analysis in written articles and Letters to the Editor through various media outlets. His interests include Law, Politics, Government, Sports (Track & Field), Movies, and Culture. He is based in Washington DC.
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Article explores the current ongoing debate about whether Congress has the power to regulate the United States Supreme Court. It focuses specifically on whether Congress can impose a Code of Ethics on the court. Mitchell argues that the 3 branches of government are co-equal branches and that Separation of Powers prevents Congress from imposing a code of conduct on the court. Finally, he argues that the only powers that Congress has are enumerated powers or powers that can be gleaned from enumerated powers. Congress has no authority to simply make up rules for the court.
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OPINION: The article comments on the federal investigation of former President Donald Trump's lawyers. It specifically focuses on the investigation and disciplinary actions taken against Attorney Rudy Giuliani by the DC Bar's Office of Disciplinary Counsel and the impact such investigations can have on clients. All clients have a right to legal representation, even unpopular clients.
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OPINION: Andrellos Mitchell is an Independent voter, Washington DC Lawyer, and former Social Worker in DC and Maryland. In this article he gives his opinion to The Washington Informer Newspaper on the tragic killing of Jordan Neely by Daniel Penny. Penny, a former U.S. Marine who is white, is facing a felony charge of second-degree manslaughter for the death of Neely, a 30-year-old Black man who was homeless.