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I am a technology marketer who has held senior leadership positions with multiple top-tier cyber, data, and legal technology providers. I write frequently on technology and marketing topics and publish regularly on
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This topical overview on toxicity and financial gain addresses a significant challenge lurking beneath the surface of many legal tech companies: the need to identify and rectify toxic behavior.
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The eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey is a non-scientific, quarterly initiative providing insight into the confidence of professionals in the eDiscovery ecosystem. The survey, designed for cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery professionals, includes 12 core and optional questions related to business operational metrics and eDiscovery tasks. Since inception, it has been conducted 31 times, amassing an aggregate of 3,085 responses, averaging 100 per survey. The Summer 2023 edition saw participation from 71 professionals, a majority from software/services providers and law firms. This survey gauges various industry factors, capturing trends in revenue and profit, assessing business conditions, and identifying the major challenges in the eDiscovery industry. Today ComplexDiscovery shares the observations on the business of eDiscovery in the summer of 2023.
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Large language models, such as those developed by Google and OpenAI, are becoming increasingly sophisticated and pervasive in various industries. One such application of these models is in the eDiscovery ecosystem, which contains touchpoints ranging from cybersecurity and information governance to legal discovery. This article explores at a very high level the inclusion of selected eDiscovery-centric resources in the Google C4 Dataset. It also discusses why understanding this exploration may benefit professionals working in the eDiscovery ecosystem.
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