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My path to becoming a freelance writer was actually through academia, where I got a PhD in history: I initially started writing about history topics and higher education. While I still frequently write about historical topics and focus geographically on the United States and Southern Africa, I'm also a food and culture writer. My writing frequently covers leftist and progressive topics. Writing is my side-career; my day job is as a software developer. (Yes, I have had an odd career).
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Don’t Believe a Corporation That Promises to Do Better

This piece was an essay for Jacobin about the history behind corporate ESG, its relationship to the anti-apartheid movement, and why it fails to deliver on its promises.
Work Sample 2 Description
Doctoral Training Is Ossified. Can We Reinvent It?

This is a piece that I wrote for the Chronicle of Higher Education about an NEH grant program that ran in order to try to reinvent doctoral education for the humanities.
Work Sample 3 Description
Tourism Gets a Refresh in the Hands of Activists Seeking to Decolonize the Industry

This was a piece I wrote about the phenomenon of solidarity tourism for Smithsonian Magazine.