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I've published two novels and a number of short stories and essays. I'm currently using the memoir form to write about gender, race, class and the environment. I live in western Oregon.
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Alison Clement
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In the 90s, I lived with my family in a community in Tenmile Creek, Oregon, a wild and beautiful place. We had hoped to live quietly in the woods, raising our kids and growing a garden, but instead found ourselves in the middle of the battle over the Northwest Forests.
My essay describes our small community’s fight to protect that beautiful and ecologically significant valley from logging. Our community struggled with poverty, divorce, a death and a conflict over property, but we worked together to protect the land, and together we were badass. My essay is about taking a stand for the ground we occupy, and it reminds us that regular people have power.
Work Sample 2 Description
This essay is about being 19 and being trapped, for no obvious reason, in a relationship with a violent misogynist and white supremacist. It’s about all the ways I tried to leave and finally, weirdly, about a psychic clearing that changed everything. The essay is a kind of critique of New Ageism and, more specifically, calling things the wrong words and making what is simple complicated. It's about how we lie to ourselves and how we imagine we're powerless, when we're not.
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The protagonist of my second novel, TWENTY QUESTIONS, is a classified worker in a primary school who believes another woman has been murdered in her place. It's a book about relationships, fear and deception. Set at the beginning of the US war against Iraq, it looks at the different forms of violence we experience: war, violence against women, violence against children, bullying. It won an Oregon Book Award for the novel.
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