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Jolene has been designing, creating, and hosting websites for over 20 years. She is a published author, social media coordinator, blogger and creates all of her own commercials and social media posts for herself, her businesses, and her clients. She is based in North Florida and you can hire me to write about writing, publishing, marketing, website design and computer software and hardware operations.
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Digital marketing is the best way to attract and keep your customers these days. Being able to find you on the web and in social media posts allows your customers who are unable to come into your store, visit your offices, or attend the local book signing events (most have been canceled this year and some are going virtual) to keep in touch.
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You would think that that old song, “Video Killed the Radio Star”. would be a precursor to us writers thinking that we might be replaced by an AI (artificial intelligence software) soon. But seriously, how can an A.I. imagine new worlds, think up crazy love scenes, or just be really creative on their own without regurgitating past novels? But I digress…
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We thought we would revisit our Authors on the Road and get an update or add new authors. This post only has three authors on the road. Stay tuned for more later. Just an FYI for us we finally heard back from the Florida State Parks (Department of Environmental Protection) Marketing and Communication Office. They sent us an application but we have to fill it out for every single one of the parks we want to visit. (Oh my!). Well, that is going to take a little bit of time.