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Based out of Indianapolis, IN, I have a B.A. in English (Creative Writing concentration) and an A.S. (Biology/Botany concentration). I have written and published five high fantasy novels, four YA sci-fi novels, and 3 short stories (middle grade fantasy and sci-fi) to date. I have 17 years’ experience writing and normalize product line data for B2B catalogs and 3 years’ experience writing and editing content for industry periodicals and web content. My background is in science, fantasy, science-fiction, and tabletop role-playing gaming.
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"The Terror Paradox" is a short story I submitted for the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds writing competition.
Work Sample 2 Description
Excerpts from "Summer of Crows" and "Zack Jackson & The Secret of Venus, high fantasy and YA sci-fi novels, respectively. The "Summer of Crows" excerpt shows scenes from each of the co-protagonists, showcasing dialog and descriptions. The Zack Jackson excerpt shows scenes from each of the co-protagonists showcasing the dialog and an emotional scene.
Work Sample 3 Description
Hardware Retailing magazine from September 2021. The New Products department of the magazine is compiled and written by me each month and begins on page 20. I also perform editing on other Features and Departments in the magazine as needed and am responsible for posting and curating our websites' web content.