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Novelist, then teacher union activist, then labor educator writing about learning in the workplace (political learning, not "skills") With NWU member Joe Berry just published Power Despite Precarity: Strategies for the Contingent Faculty Movement in Higher Education, with Pluto Books UK. Very involved with the new higher ed labor coalition, HELU, and trying to keep up with the crisis in US higher ed generally. I am currently the NWU delegate to HELU -- I'd appreciate being contacted by other NWU members who want to get involved.
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Helena Worthen, photo by Brian Simmons
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This review by Joe Ramsey is a bit over the top but gets the point:

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My most under-appreciated book is published by Hardball Press, What Did You Learn at Work Today? It's basically Marxist learning theory applied to workplace organizing.
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Other short pieces I am trying to get into various website to keep the word alive about HELU with it's "Wall to wall and coast to coast" movement orientation.