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Uesugi Dubois
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Natsuya Uesugi DuBois is a writer, manga aritst, social engineering expert, and former software engineer who writes about the affects of technology, privacy, social engineering, and social justice on the cyber-threat landscape.

Creator of the award-winning SF cyberpunk "grydscaen" series about hackers against the government, and winner of Best Manga at Barcelona International Film Festival for their manga "grydscaen: psycho dive" that was adapted into indie anime web series "grydscaen: scout eve" winner Best Web Series at Seoul International Monthly Film Festival and Best Animation at Tokyo International Short Film Festival. As "Voice of the Unknown," Natsuya speaks up for the marginalized and those often silenced unable to speak out for fear of reprisal.
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Natsuya Uesugi DuBois - Author | Manga Artist | Director | Voice Actor
Work Sample 1 Description
Article Title: "Social Inequality and the Need for Education"
Published in: American Diversity Report (
Topic: Social Justice - Education - Diversity - Marginalization

Summary: Exploring the power of education as leveling factor in marginalized youth and communities of colour
Work Sample 2 Description
Fiction Exerpt: grydscaen" dark - excerpt from chapter 1
Genre: Science Fiction - Cyberpunk - Thriller

Summary: Blackhat hacker attacks the stock market in this fiction nove which explores cyber threats and social implications of tech on society and today's technical infrastructure
Work Sample 3 Description
Article Title: DDoS in Your Pocket (Re-Print)
Published: grydscaen official website (
Topic: Cybersecurity - Hackers - Distributed Denial of Service

Summary: Anatomy of a DDoS Attack. Exploring real-world DDoS vulnerabilities and threats to current United States technial infrastructure and corporate landscape