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Published Travel Writer with non-rev priviliages at the airlines. Winking at you Local Tourism Board.
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Help the Asylum Seekers Crying At our Gates; AZ Jewish News; 01/2019
It’s Friday night, close to sundown. Mothers and fathers gather their children to get them washed and dressed in their finest clothes. On this night, they will be able to spend more time together and with their children than they have all week. Their tables on Shabbat will be full of many of their friends from where they used to live...
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Flying with children during Covid-19; 01/2021; AllWays Traveller

We seem to be nearing the end of this hellish plague, COVID-19
The recent weeks have seen the approval of 2 vaccines in the United States (at the time of writing), allowing us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, that doesn't mean we can let our guard down, even though it is easy for no-one to live this way. Covid has disrupted every aspect of our lives, taking far too many...
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The slogan I came up with for my campaign for the Arizona State House of Representatives in a campaign to challange a known sexual harasser (who was later removed by the chamber) was named best Campaign Slogan for the end of year round up.
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