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Emerald Toliver served her country proudly in the United States Air Force from 1983 to 1995.  She has worked in the healthcare and insurance industries as a senior marketer, project manager, and trainer for several years.  She is currently a consultant, speaker, and can now add author to her list of accomplishments.  Historically, she has trained many on customer service, and leadership topics.  She has spoken to groups on behave of individuals with special needs and the Alzheimer’s Association.

On October of 2019, Emerald published her first novel, “Through Love I Survive.” The novel was the first step in a journey she promised her mother she would complete on behalf of them both prior to her mother’s passing.  She has created a YouTube channel that promotes her writings and hosts discussions on matters of rape, and other forms of abuse in hope of helping those living in silence.  Her social media is often a platform to promote social justice, equality, unity, and love. 

As a mother of two, she is an affiliate of the following organizations:  San Antonio Writers Association, National Writers Union; Military Writers Society of Authors; Black Lives Matter Global; and the NAACP.

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Arthur, Speaker, Activist, Consultant
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