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Author, Photographer, and Filmmaker. He grew up in Anoka, Minnesota. Christopher started writing at a young age and remembers writing what now is called fan fiction, when he was in fifth grade. By high school he got interested in science fiction and started to learn the craft of writing. However, he was discouraged from writing because of his supposed lack of literary prowess. While continuing to writing short stories, screen plays, and a novel. In 2007, he created his own production company called Quaden Productions LLC and finished his first screen play. While working on the film in 2014, Christopher was diagnosed stage four cancer (Non-Hodgkins lymphoma) and needed to put his life on hold as he underwent chemotherapy. He now resides on a family farm in Hutchinson, Minnesota and in his spare time, he is a woodworker for Great Northern Woodworking LLC and also a founding member of the Crow River Quill & Ink Society.
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Christopher T. Guthrie
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