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Otto Fuchs was born on May 13th 1978 in Mariazell, Styria /Austria. Into a family which owned and managed a hotel – Hotel Goldener Löwe, formerly connected architecturally with the Hotel Schwarzer Adler and the adjoining bank, known as Grand Hotel Laufen-stein. His great-grandfather worked as Dr. Prim. Otto Fuchs in Kittsee / Austria, becoming honorary citizen of Kittsee. While the other Dr. Prim. Bathany was be-atified, meaning he should be canonized by the Catholic Church, soon. The great-grandson of Otto Fuchs and Paula Laufenstein – Otto Martin Fuchs felt passion for rock & roll from a very early age on, especially when watching Elvis movies on Austrian TV (ORF), aged 2-4. Just fourteen years old, he became the youngest writer for the German "Rock & Roll music magazine" (Est. 1977). From 2000 - 2004 he hosted The Rocket 88 Show for KRKT 99.1 FM Rock It Radio, Ventura / California. Numerous interviews with 1950s Rock & Roll Legends such as Billy Lee Riley, Marvin Rainwater, Gene Vincent Blue Cap Drummer Dickie "Be Bop" Harrell, Bill Haley´s Comets members Marshall Lytle, Joey Welz and Bill Turner, Charlie Gracie … were led & recorded by him for this show. All programmes were home-produced. During that period, he also placed various articles in the Ger-man "Dynamite - The World of Rock & Roll" maga-zine. Later bought by Huber Verlag for a face lift, now no longer issued. In 2005 he started to contribute reviews and interviews for German jive, swing & rockabilly magazine “Slam Bam” – also not being is-sued anymore, suspect here is the Internet for burying Music Magazines. According to some reviewers Otto also managed to write the ultimate biography on Bill Haley, as seen by many trade papers including Vintage Rock, At The Hop Magazine, UK Rock & Roll Music Magazine ... to name a view. He also had nourished his love for acting and undertook the Intensive Acting Studies Programme at Morley Theatre School at Mor-ley College London (1998-1999), Schule des Theaters in Vienna (2011-2015), Newacting Project Vienna and Acting Center Tavakoli in Vienna (2016-2018) fol-lowed with many extra, cameo, or bit parts. He also appeared in two TV commercials in the german speaking world in lead roles. His third book will be published by Austin McCauley, independent Publishing House in the United Kingdom. Book 1 and Book 2 both focused on Bill Haley´s career are still available. If you´d like to find more on the author, visit –
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Yves Spineth Photographs (Vintage Art)
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Bill Haley - The Father Of Rock & Roll - The Rise of Bill Haley & Rock And Roll (500+ pages in English)
Bill Haley - The Father Of Rock & Roll - The Rock & Roll Revival Years And Bill Haley´s Legacy
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The hoopla surrounding the purported fiftieth anniversary of rock & roll didn't quite ring true. Bill Haley might have lobbied for 2001 ... fifty years after he'd covered Rocket '88'; or 2002 ... fifty years after he'd recorded Rock The Joint; or 2003 ... fifty years after he broke into the pop charts with Crazy Man Crazy, a record that fit every criterion of rock 'n' roll. But, of course, Bill Haley said not a word; he had died neglected and alone on the Mexican border in 1981, and even at the time of his death he was wondering why he'd be written out of the story." (Colin Escott, Nashville) On April 12th 1954, Bill Haley & His Comets created the "National Anthem Of Teenagers" (Lillian Roxon) with "Rock Around The Clock", - the song which became the best-selling rock single of all time. It was not until July 6th 1954 when Elvis Presley cut his first disc - "That's Alright" - which became only a local hit in Memphis. During the same year, Bill Haley & His Comets received their first gold record for their million-seller "Shake, Rattle & Roll" and scored with "Dim Dim the Lights" in the Pop and Rhythm & Blues Charts. Bo Diddley was a year away from scoring his first hit. The same applied to Chuck Berry. Buddy Holly was sixteen and playing with school friend Bob Montgomery as a Western swing duo. Little Richard did various odd jobs, whereas Fats Domino did not change his New Orleans R&B to a more mainstream rock & roll approach until 1955. Last but not least, Jerry Lee Lewis was still performing country music in the honky tonks of Louisiana. In 1955, Bill Haley's highly controlled, syncopated chorus of sounds, all driven by a wild, primitive, but always thundering beat, was introduced worldwide in the box office smash teenage drama "Blackboard Jungle" starring Glenn Ford and a young Sidney Poitier. This film was the ignition for "Rock Around The Clock" becoming synonymous with rock & roll. (...)
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The greatest accomplishment of Bill Haley & His Comets lies in their paving the way for all the other artists that followed. From 1952 until 1960, Bill Haley & His Comets scored 30 hits in the US and UK charts. In 1957, at the beginning of Bill Haley's first UK tour, he was greeted by 4,000 fans at London's Waterloo train station. The following year, his 1958 European tour included appearances in Germany, (which began approximately three weeks after Elvis Presley was shipped there, courtesy of Uncle Sam) and caught the attention of the international press. The Haley concerts held at the West Berlin Sportspalace erupted in mass rioting and became a daily news item. The East German newspaper "Neues Deutschland" condemned him as "the rock & roll gangster, Haley celebrating an orgy of American un-culture. "The West German periodical "Rheinische Merkur" reported: "he, of all people, the Comet of instinct-unchaining started a major offensive against taste, standing and self-respect. All that in the bishopric of Essen on the day of the Papacy vote". The Soviet paper "Pravda" declared him, along with rock & roll, as "a secret weapon of the west against socialism", whereas the FBI under the infamous J. Edgar Hoover (best known for his wiretapping of anyone whom he viewed as "suspicious") started an investigation into theories and accusations of what was feared and suspected as "communist music". Asa Carter, head of the "Alabama White Citizens Committee", charged the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) with seducing and corrupting white teenage girls by promoting rock & roll. He is quoted as saying in 1956, "with its basic heavy beat of the Negroes, it appeals to the base in man; it brings out animalism and vulgarity". He then promised to initiate a "...campaign to force radio stations and jukebox owners to boycott this immoral music". (...)
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