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Get to know Anita Brown. writing is my passion, taking my readers on an adventurous, and endless mind thrilling ride. I want you coming back for more. Traveling, collecting fine art, purses, and shopping, are things I like to do, Romantic music and candlelight dinners after mid-night while gazing at the ocean, are on my list of must-haves. I like mystery and romantic movies, I love creating something special through words and sharing it with the world, my favorite place in the world is the beach, walking on the pier or seated on the sand sipping a chilled glass of Perrier water writing a great story while feeling the waves of the ocean touch my feet. Romance, being creative, reading and spending time with family are very important to me, learning something new every day is mandatory.
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Author Anita Johnson-Brown
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Rose of Desire The Novel: By Anita Johnson Brown and Christopher Maurice Brown/Chris Brown (Rose of Desire* Intimate Love Stories Book 1) Kindle EditionRose of Desire the Novel, features, the most intimate and illustrative stories to wet your sensual appetite and leave you curled up in bed melting like candle wax, if love is your ultimate desire then this book will leave you coming back for series 4, written by Chris and Anita Brown
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Another Book from Married Authors Chris and Anita Brown, A Children and Teen story to take your
WallY Waldo Wango: The Golden Treasure, Wango Island By Chris and Anita Brown (The Golden Treasure series 2 Wally Waldo Wango) Kindle Edition

imagination on a ride and steal your heart, and most precious time, entertaining you and making you want more, however, it does have some adult content... only from the Fantasy -Mystery Stories and the files of Chris and Anita Brown. Written by Anita Johnson-Brown and Christopher Maurice Brown/Chris BrownDBA- Chris and Anita BrownPlease step into Wango Palace and meet Wally Waldo Wango, the keeper of The Golden Treasures and Hidden secrets... Enjoy
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The Golden Treasure is about a Family Looking for a better Life. Join us on this adventure as The Buckleys find hope when Adam finds the Golden Treasure. a children's story by Chris and Anita Brown