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I'm a Minneapolis-based freelance journalist dedicated to covering lesser-told stories across Middle America. Originally from North Dakota, I report on (and from!) the Midwest any chance I get. My work covers a range of topics from surfing Lake Superior to economic diversification in Appalachia. I'm most committed to telling stories about the Midwest that challenge and change the stereotypes the region faces. My work has appeared in places like the Guardian, National Geographic, CJR, New York magazine, the Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, and more. My academic work has been published in an academic journal and two books.
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"What AI Down On The Farm Could Mean for Rural America" is about a "farm" in North Dakota that has set out to become the first fully autonomous farm by 2025 for Civil Eats. The piece examines the complicated role that artificial intelligence plays in the future of farming as well as privacy as a whole and what the future of farming means for rural economies.
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I wrote "Surf Tourism Is a Fun Vacation That's Killing Central American Economies" for Pacific Standard in 2018, looking at the role that surf tourism has played in transforming small fishing villages in Latin America to tourist towns reliant on a fickle foreign industry. Ultimately it's a look at how everyone can help make surf tourism more equitable.
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"How To Deal With Obstructive Public Information Officers? Challenge Them" is a 2019 piece for the Columbia Journalism Review about the obstructive role public information offices and officers play in journalism, often restricting access rather than boosting it, and what journalists can do about it.