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PJ Clark lives in Oregon, where she likes to talk to strangers, collect bruises, eat chocolate, fall off things and write. Her “In Real Life” column appears monthly in The Review (Lake Oswego, Oregon). She has done freelance writing for a variety of magazines and websites.
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PJ Clark by Sarah Williams Photography
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One more in the get real series. Not all of you know that I have a BA in law, or a graduate degree in criminal justice. Or that I ran a criminology focused research firm here in Oregon for a while, based on juvenile offending with a variety of clients across a few states (juvenile departments, state Youth Authorities, District Attorneys, etc.). I’ve read a lot about criminal offending, interviewed a ton of kids and their families and tried to apply some of that knowledge to my own life as I parent.
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Ian Miller has a job that he loves. Miller works for the non profit Surfrider Foundation, and while it may seem that he gets paid to surf all day, he actually works to protect the ocean.

The organization ( was founded in 1984. Currently it has over 40,000 members across the globe.

"Our contribution to local communities," Miller says, "is to work to improve water quality making coasts healthier places for both people and animals, to improve beach access so that we can get to the beach for a walk, a swim or a surf, and to organize beach clean-ups so that beaches are nice places to be."
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