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Hossein Motie
Born: June 22, 1975
Graduated in English Translation Course
Member of Writers' house - Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran
Author, Editor and Translator

He began his cultural activities in a book publishing & cultural center from the beginning of the academic year 1994.
From October 1994 to July 2005, he has been involved in publishing books in the fields of Classical Persian Literature, General Psychology, Social Sciences, and Public Books. Alongside his studies and work, he has also been translating world-class authors' books into the fields of psychology and social sciences as well as classic English novels. He has written several books in the field of public books, based on his study and research experiences.
At the end of July 2005, he obtained his publishing license under the title "BOOKTAB PUBLICATION" and thus officially entered the field of cultural and publishing activities. Thus he collected all his translation and authoring works and published them with his own publishing brand. During the following years, however, he collaborated closely with publishers and other cultural centers and published several works under the titles of those publications.
Since 2005, over 75 titles of his works and translations have been published by BOOKTAB PUBLICATION and several other publishers. He is currently translating three titles of early 21st century classic novels.
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