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After US President Donald Trump's administration declared victory over ISIS and announced its plan to withdraw troops from Syria in late December 2018, all eyes turned toward the multitude of foreign influences vying for power in the region, including Iran, Russia, Israel and Saudi Arabia. But Lebanon, Syria’s tiny next-door neighbor, is possibly most bound up in Syria’s fate.
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I don’t know anyone in the craft brewing business—and I say that I truly do not know anybody—that doesn’t smoke some weed,” observed Tony Magee, founder and CEO of Lagunitas Brewing Company, a longtime proponent of cannabis.

He was standing behind a podium on stage in a Denver auditorium, building a rapport with the crowd before him. But the seats weren’t filled with his beer industry colleagues. Magee was delivering the keynote address at the 2018 Seed to Sale Show, hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) in February.

Beyond having a strong base of users in brewers, the link between beer and cannabis runs deep. Hops and cannabis are botanically related and contain many of the same terpenes—chemical compounds that give hops and cannabis their citrusy, skunky, or earthy qualities. But beyond these similarities, Magee’s address intended to draw parallels between craft beer and cannabis at an industry level.
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This piece was originally planned for release on the week that the Boston Globe and 300 other newspapers published editorials defending journalism and the institutional free press.
This grew into a longer and longer piece in light of the events that followed the editorial call.

This delay should not be mistaken for tepid support by Dark Market Economist for the Boston Globe’s call and the spontaneous support provided news organizations that published alongside them on that day.

We laud the bravery of the Globe for taking a stance on what might be misconstrued—especially in these partisan times—as attacking on a politician and the country he leads, rather than defending an institution that his office is built upon.