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I have my own column at Patheos titled Transparent Expedition. I am also a regular contributor to Queer Voices and Chicago Unheard. My professional writing has been seen in various publications both online and in print for over the last 19 years. In the past I have had columns in 22nd Century Media, Aquarius News, and other spaces.

My main focus is op ed regarding politics, religion, education and social issues. I also do investigative pieces on other issues in the headlines. Occasionally I will do human interest stories like covering Otakon in Washington DC.

I wrote a book in 2015 titled, “Night Moves: An Ex Preachers Journey to Hell in a Taxi“, which is available online on Amazon.

My professional photography has been featured in various newspapers, websites, and other formats since 1985. This includes the genres of photojournalism, commercial portrait work, and street photography as well as art galleries and shows.
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Patrick Green
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This is a more personal piece I did for Chicago Unheard. It spoke to the difference that a school with supporting programs in place for LGBTQ students can make for s student. It also speaks to the danger to LGBTQ students in school with no supportive policies. This was later picked up by ABC 7 News Chicago.
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This is an Op-Ed with some background details of the worldwide United Methodist Special Session Conference in Feb of 2019. One of the proposals they were debating was full inclusion of LGBTQ people. The conference voted down inclusive policies leading to a great divide in one of the world's largest protestant denominations.
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After 12 days of protests en masse in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Governor Ricardo Rosselló announced his resignation effective August 2nd. Despite the tens of thousands of protesters being largely peaceful, the authorities still used tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades on citizens.
This article explained why Puerto Rican Citizens were angry with the governor, how investigative journalism broke the story, as well as the example and impact this makes to frustrated Americans.