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Freelance writer and editor working in print and online since 2005. Based out of New Orleans, La.

Journalism focus areas include: health, food and beverage, pop culture, music and television, finance, and technology.

Business services include: SEO copywriting, copy-editing, blogging, ebooks, whitepapers, and web and landing page copy.
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The cat is my assistant.
Work Sample 1 Description
"I've used Apple computers my entire life. Here's why I'm never buying one again."

Pitched opinion piece with over 100,000 views. Details my lifelong love affair with Apple and why the company's no longer the one for me. Bolstered by interviews with industry insiders on Apple trends.
Work Sample 2 Description
"A new crisis in the opioid epidemic: Overdoses on the job"

Short feature story on the opioid crisis and what treatment centers and employers are doing to combat it – and how some employers' practices feed the epidemic.
Work Sample 3 Description
Review: Mount Gay Rum Distillery, Barbados

Press trip review for TripSavvy of Mount Gay's distillery and attendant rums.