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Dominique Carson
Dominique M. Carson is truly a hardworking and ambitious media professional. She received her Master of Science degree in Media Studies in September 2014. Carson also graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Italian in 2012. Carson has strong interviewing, writing, and reporting skills. She has many attributes in media including marketing and publicity, blogging, social media, entertainment journalism, news and feature writing, profiles, concert reviews, and conducting interviews. Carson interviewed more than 100 celebrities. In addition, she was also a Program and Communications Coordinator for Man Up! Inc, a non- profit organization in East New York. As a Program and Communications Coordinator, Carson disseminated program and promotional materials for the Job Development Center, co-facilitated professional development workshops, served as a liaison between participants and potential employers,
and assisted with community outreach and tabling at community events. She was also responsible for the company's image, managed content on Man Up!'s social media handles, and represented the employer to the public. Outside of journalism, writing, non-profit, and customer service, Ms. Carson is working on her certification in massage therapy. Her overall goal is to "facilitate people's lives through her words and hands." If you would like more information on Dominique Carson, you can email her at or follow her on Facebook ( Twitter (domcarson) and Instagram(domcarson90).
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My tribute story to educator and activist, Mary Mcleod Bethune.
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Feature story on The No Limit Chronicles, starring Master P and the No Limit Records artists.
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My Kindle Book, Jon B: Are You Still Down? The link to the book is listed below.