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I am a 22-year-old student working full-time and pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, with minors in New Media and Public Relations, at Wayne State University. As a proud member of the Irvin D. Reid Honors College, I have taken that extra step towards creating success in my future, a fact that has very much proven itself in the past two years of my life.

I spend most of my days organizing, coordinating, and marketing the events, policies, and processes of the TRIO Upward Bound Program at Wayne State. I am in charge of representing our program’s excellence via social media, the program web page, and through the drafting, editing and distribution of print and digital communications; such as flyers, invitations, informational documents, programs, presentations and other such correspondence. As a New Media minor, I love being able to spend my time at work fulfilling duties for my program that gain me industry experience and add to the portfolio I am building for myself of experience with communicative study and its integration on the web.

When I am not in the office, I spend most of my time either cranking away at school assignments and internship work, or writing and editing for The South End, Wayne State’s student news publication.

I hold a certificate from Poynter-ACES (American Copy Editors Society) in Editing, an Accredited Project Management Certification (APRM) from IO4PM, and continue to pursue all professional development opportunities that I can.

When I finagle some leisure time, I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music, scrap-booking, interior design, lifting weights, going on long walks, spending time with family and friends, as well as taking trips and vacations!

I encourage you to explore my personal website—— to see all of the content I enjoy producing. Feel free to reach out to me via email if you would like to discuss my work, passions, hobbies, skills or anything else!

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Brittany A. Thomas
Work Sample 1 Description
This is a program application I created upon my entry into the TRIO Upward Bound Program at Wayne State University. Changes made enhanced fluidity, ease of reading, and added inclusive language.
Work Sample 2 Description
One of my first professional writing samples, this piece was written to help other aspiring -- or even senior -- writers break out of writer's block: the creativity drought that often threatens the livelihood of our narratives. Tips, testimonials and helpful advice is shed throughout the entirety of the sample, which is intended to serve as inspiration and education to fellow writers.
Work Sample 3 Description
This document is the TRIO Upward Bound Program brochure that I created upon taking over my role with the program. The brochure highlights the services and overall purpose of the tutorial and counseling program, while enhancing the reception of the program and the brand. Images added to increase appeal of brochure.