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Kathy Jean
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I am a California-based Freelance Medical Writer, and a copy editor in any genre. My medical writing focus is translating complex scientific Innovation into terms non-scientists can understand.. I've written about COVID impacts on minority communities, stem cell treaments reversing blindness, organoid research, wearable healthcare technology, medical marijuana, opioid addiction and more. As a copy editor I work with both fiction and non-fiction.
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Kathy Jean Schultz
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I blog on the blog about advances in organoid and microfluidics research to support stem cell surgeries and a range of other treatments --a futuristic notion now, but one that will be common in the medical arena within 10 years. I explain advances in language ordinary people can understand:
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I write about new findings in experimental research, and this article is about an innovation in gastroenterology showing success in treating a deadly infection.
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This article is about a Harvard Medical School faculty member who is also a recovering addict. He clarifies how and why some addiction treatments work and others don't. Several prominent experts are quoted in my article.
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