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Abby Sewell is a freelance journalist based in Beirut, where she writes on refugee issues, the war in Syria, and the politics and culture of the region.
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“Departure of Syrian rebels and refugees from Lebanon raises specter of forced returns,” Los Angeles Times, August 2017

A report on the return of Syrian refugees from Lebanon's border region following a battle between Hezbollah and militant groups operating in the area, with analysis of the political context and likelihood of forced returns.
Work Sample 2 Description
"Just outside Syria's capital, a battle still rages over one of the last rebel-held enclaves," Los Angeles Times, August 2017

Analysis piece on the continuing battle for rebel-held areas of East Damascus.
Work Sample 3 Description
“A small town in Italy was losing population, so it turned to Syrian refugees for help,” Los Angeles Times, May 2017

Enterprise piece on the "humanitarian corridors" program that has brought Syrian refugees from Lebanon to Italy. I followed the fortunes of one family, with a look at the larger context in the economically depressed area of southern Italy where they were resettled.