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Candace Wolf is a working storyteller, known by some as the "Barefoot Oral Historian", due to her determination to travel all roads to all destinations in order to encourage her fellow working people to exercise their inalienable right to actively bear witness to their own history.
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Collection of oral histories by Candace Wolf
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SHIFTING THE UNIVERSE: Spoken Histories of Work & Resistance: these 18 personal testimonials take the reader into widely diverse worlds of work--from the Amazon Rainforest to a textile mill on the Nile River, a fishing community in south India, underground subway tracks in New York City, home-birthing environments in the U.S., and many other locations where mental and physical labor occurs. More importantly, the speakers share their firsthand experiences participating in acts of individual and collective resistance--practices of resistance that were devised as a direct and creative response to systems of local and global oppression.
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ONEIL CANNON: The Story of a Radical Black Printer: Between the covers of this book lies the story of a man's life told in his own words, the words of family, his friends, activists, and comrades. And in the telling, there is also the story of the community of South Central Los Angeles and its people who struggled to overcome racist neglect and racist policing; and there is the story of courageous Communist rank and file members who stood by the community even through the darkest days of the Red Scare Witch Hunts.
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