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Pen name – Tatiana Sheremeteva.
Born in Moscow. Graduated from Moscow Lomonosov University (MGU), Department of Literature. Moved to New York a few years ago with her husband, a U.N. official.
Professional member of the American PEN Center.
Member of the National Writers’ Union of U.S.A.
Writes in Russian.
Over 300 publications in literary magazines worldwide; over 30 published stories in Russian language literary magazines in U.S. Writes columns for “Chaika/Seagull”, “Elegant New York” and “RuMixer” magazines.
Winner of 29 international literary awards. Sat on the jury of literary contests.
The author of three books “To My Not-So-Wise Girlfriends with All My Love. Seventeen Short Stories” (2013) and “Gramercy Park and Other Stories” (2015), "Life is easy" (2016). All published in U.S.
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Work Sample 1 Description
Article about the novel "Life is easy" in the "Slovo\Word" literary magazine (USA).
Work Sample 1
Work Sample 2 Description
Article about the "Gramercy Park" book in the "Continent" newspaper (USA)/
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Work Sample 3 Description
A short story "Never" in the literary magazine "Gostinaya" (USA)
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