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I’ve always loved pop culture, advertising, and politics, so I knew PR and writing was for me. I took time off from school to focus on my marriage, family, and career. During this time, I’ve built a 20-plus year resume that includes journalism, event planning, marketing/PR, and business management. Most of my writing has been business, political, and entertainment based. Some of my published works have appeared in NEWSBytes, MidWest PC Micro, The Wittenberg Torch, Associated Content, Yahoo!, TeenParents, and various business websites.
I’ve enjoyed participating in activities with my children and husband more than I can ever seem to find the words to explain.  Each experience taught me so much more about love, life, and true blessings than I could ever imagine.  Now, they’ve grown into teenagers–one a brilliant artist and sophomore in college, and one, an incredible musician in his senior year of college on scholarship (at my alma mater)! Along the way, I’ve been a Girl Scout leader, a marching band and color guard mom, and served on the Band Booster Board for their school music program. Since they moved onto college, I made a major move from Ohio to Illinois.  I’m so excited to discover and navigate each new chapter as it unfolds in this crazy life as a mom, wife, and career woman!
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Most evenings in a household are filled with sport or school activity schedules, television, and chores peppered between the seemingly constant flow of electronic “communication” that masquerades itself as today’s human interaction. My husband and I searched for something more, and found it– at trivia night.
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Lies, damn lies (and more unappreciated characteristics) that don’t seem to matter for the GOP front-runner.
Once again, in what can only be explained as an effort to keep headlines at any cost, Donald Trump takes to the airwaves with statements that can, and, are being proven lies with his own words.  I decided to keep a running diary of the things I found that can’t possibly be taken out of context or flat-out lies.  Here are some of the most revealing facts and story links for review, so you can see for yourself.
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On Nov. 4, when famed journalist and author Carl Bernstenin will present his lecture, “The Use and Misuse of Media Power,” over two decades of Wittenberg alumni will soon have the chance to match a face with the words they have been reading and studying for almost 25 years.In 1974, Bernstein, with co-author Bob Woodward, wrote All the President’s Men, a famous account of the Watergate scandal. While reporting for The Washington Post, the two aided the Watergate investigation with their new methods and approaches to reporting.