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Savon Saint-Anthony Crisp -- Just a quaint veteran from St. Louis, Missouri.
Sophomore studying Communications at Temple University, Japan- Land of the Rising Sun. Aspiring Indie Filmmaker with a love for Martial Arts, D&D Geek, and Sci-fi/Fantasy Writer.
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"Emotional Isolation: The U.K. Steps Forward Against Loneliness"
This article focuses on the legislative action taken in the U.K. in regards to emotional afflictions affecting the public-- most notably, loneliness.
Work Sample 2 Description
"WRITING - The Fear of Writing & The Notion of 'Not Good Enough'"
In this video, I share my thoughts to give a critical analysis on why creative minds hesitate to take any steps forward in their writing endeavors.
Work Sample 3 Description
"Demí" - A Fantasy Novel
After being visited by a war-profiteer, a blacksmith finds himself caught in the middle of a clash between powerful factions across his world.

In the midst of the rising conflict, he meets faction-defectors whose aim is to help him escape to the Sanctuary town of Tripto. Whether or not they will succeed will all hinge on trust and action... However, these events are merely the beginning.
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