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Stephanie Granot
Stephanie is a Freelance Journalist and UN Correspondent based out of New York. She covers news stories with a focus on Middle East events, and writes magazine features on a variety of topics. Stephanie has a current RN license and is a former Labor and Delivery Nurse with an excellent understanding of the medical field.
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Freelance Print Journalist and UN Correspondent
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If the UN Global Goals Summit left you feeling cynical, take heart. The was a whole other UN there that might restore your faith in our planet's future.
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Other than the fact that one is named Thor, there’s nothing obvious about the two young men that suggests they’re superheroes: Both are of average height, conservatively dressed, one wears glasses, and neither is faster than a speeding bullet. But last week UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer and Thor Halvorssen of Human Rights Foundation revealed their true identities: Global Defenders of Truth, Justice and the-way-things-are-supposed-to-be.
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Twenty nine years after surviving a 21st birthday bikini biker adventure together, two older, wiser, and achier friends celebrate another milestone birthday with a trip to Iceland.
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