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Ramona Grigg is a Michigan-based freelance writer specializing in liberal political opinion and social commentary with a light touch and humor where needed.
Her background, reaching back to pre-internet, is in newspapers and magazines. She came to blogging on the day Barack Obama was inaugurated.
Her blogs, Ramona's Voices and Constant Commoner, feature essays about politics, history, memoir, and the human condition.
Published in Crooks & Liars, Broad-side, National Memo, Dagblog, and other online political resources.
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Ramona Grigg, blogger, essayist, columnist
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Goodness and Mercy and the Charleston Massacre.

"On Wednesday evening, June 17, a 21-year-old White Supremacist sat for an hour in a prayer meeting with the good people of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston and, when the hour was up, opened fire with his .45 caliber Glock. He slaughtered nine innocent church members for no other reason than that he held such a deep, abiding hatred for blacks he wanted to be the one to kill them. His goal was to start a race war.

Later, after he was caught, he admitted to the police that the parishioners were so nice to him he almost didn't do it. It was the twist of the knife for those of us already grieving over his murder victims. One single second of conscience, one deviant drop of human kindness, and the people who welcomed him into their fold might have been saved."
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Not "The Onion": GOP Senators Tell Iran Obama's Not The Boss, They Are.

"In a stunning open letter to the leaders of Iran, 47 Republican senators let it be known that, while Barack Obama might occupy the White House and temporarily hold the title of President and Commander-in-chief of these United States, it is Congress--most especially the Republican Congress--that holds the cards when it comes to any kind of nuclear deal."
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Harper Lee: You Don't Know Me.

"More than 50 years ago Nelle Harper Lee wrote a book called “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It was her one and only book and it is a masterpiece, but the story behind it has always been a tantalizing enigma.
Through the years there have been rumors that her best friend and neighbor, Truman Capote, edited her writing so much, by rights he actually wrote it.
The fact that Lee never published another book gives doubters reason to corroborate that notion, but I’ve never bought it. She lived in a small Alabama town, her father was a trial lawyer, she knew well the story of the 1930s Scottsboro trial, where a group of young black boys were accused of raping a white woman in Alabama, she studied law herself, was a Fulbright Scholar at Oxford, and she was not a novice at writing."