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Lawrence Iceberg Joshua Jr., Author/Filmmaker/Actor/Producer, is a Louisiana native. After graduating high school, Lawrence joined the military, enlisting in the U.S. Army. After seperating from the military, Lawrence moved to Southern California in which he embarked on an acting career. Lawrence attended the School of Performing Arts. Lawrence also appeared in such films as Show Down N Lil Tokyo, 1ST & 10, and Tour Of Duty too name a few. Lawrence has written a book entitled, FOR WHAT ITS WORTH, the book is about a MMA fighter that once won a championship title while representing his army base, but due to an untimely car accident, and separation from the military, Marcus Monet was forced to live on the streets of Los Angeles, Ca. While living on SKIDROW, Marcus met the daughter of a martial arts legend, and she helped him regain his once legendary fighting form, and he eventually won the heavyweight title once again.
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