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Grace - a Modern Mystic
who has assisted hundreds to discover their spiritual power in order to meet their everyday challenges.​

She is an award winning self-help and motivational author who has faced many life challenges and a life-threatening disease, and used what she encountered as a stimulus to gain greater happiness and fulfillment. She lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband John Blair, and maintains a private health and success coaching practice.
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Grace Allison, Award-Winning Author
Work Sample 1 Description
What Are Boundaries?
What would happen if you were driving down the interstate highway and there are no white lines on the highway, you can drive at any speed and in any direction? What a wild chaotic mess! With time as their enemy, that is how some people live their lives. A person who lives their life without priorities or boundaries is constantly running from one emergency to another, out of control while using everyone and everything in their obsessive game of power and control. Until one day they have a heart attack, car accident, loose their job or worse their life.
When we think of boundaries, we think of limits. Boundaries give us a sense of what is part of us and what is not part of us, what we will allow and what we won't, what we will choose to do and what we choose not to do. My boundaries look like ten acres of land I call my Garden of Eden. My Garden is protected by an invisible energy field called an aura. 1♥
We all have this energy field around us. Remember being in an elevator and feeling the person next to you, but you really didn't touch them? That is what I call my "ten acres" of energy; it is an aura of invisible light. It is important to honor your own personal ten acres and care for it.
1♥ as defined in "The Auric Mirror" by Ella Vivian Power

Our attitudes are our opinions about something. We are responsible for our own attitudes, for they exist inside our "property line", our Garden of Eden. They are within our hearts, not someone else's. God tells us to examine and take responsibility for the attitudes and beliefs that govern our lives. They form the structure of our personality. In the beginning of life, we "soak up" attitudes; as we mature, we need to take responsibility for making sure our opinions are ours and not someone else's. We choose them.
Honoring our self and honoring other people as separate from us is also an aspect of boundaries. Separateness is an important aspect of human identity. How can we be connected to others without losing our identity and individuality? We are to master the art of "being me without losing you”. Without boundaries, people are needy and demand a lot of attention.
When there are unclear boundaries in any relationship, anger and resentment occurs as each person projects their unfulfilled need to be taken care of onto the other person. Developing our separateness involves knowing what our boundaries are. Knowing these boundaries helps us develop our separate and unique personalities.
"Treat others the same way you want them to treat you" Luke 6:31
Work Sample 2 Description
The fall of Jerusalem – July 70 AD
The Temple Mount enveloped in flames, boiled over from its base. The blood seemed more abundant than the flames. The numbers of the slain were greater than those of the slayers. The soldiers climbed over heaps of bodies as they chased the fugitives. The smell of burning flesh and black smoke filled the air as the flames of hell engulfed the city.
Cloaked on the astral plane, Ezekiel stood in his single man craft made of gold. The Atlas circled the torched city of Jerusalem. The messenger of God gazed through the crystal Lux portal, a doorway that opened to the inner dimensions of light. Judea was in a battle for its life against Rome. The Traveler of Light and Wisdom had to keep the contents of the Ark safe. Resolute, he tightened his grasp on the controls of the Atlas, “I must secure the Ark before it’s too late.”
Ezekiel had drawn the plans for the Temple of Solomon. He knew in which secret tunnels lay the Ark of the Covenant. The Holy of Holies had been 40 cubits square. Its walls once lined with cedar, burned. Overlaid with gold stood carved figures of cherubim, palm-trees, and open flowers. Chains of gold became puddles. The bracelets leaked through the incinerated floor of the Holy of Holies. Through the gaping charred holes of the once olive-wood door sat The Ark of the Covenant. On the alabaster altar, it lay untouched. Hidden within the gold-plated acacia chest rested the Shamir stone. Next to the supernatural, god stone lay the Ten Commandments. The tablets of Moses received from God. The blue cloth covering the twin-winged cherubim still intact.
Before the Ark stood a living Draco Reptoid, a lean towering Angel of Darkness. Twelve feet tall, his thin, bony wings furled midway up his back. Between his brow and the top of his skull, two fleshy horns. His canine teeth were wet with anticipation. His glowing red reflective eyes riveted on the Ark. The Dark Angel snatched up the Ark.
Ezekiel arrived just in time as he uncloaked The Atlas, exposing its light from the Holy of Holies. The demonic Angel of Darkness sneered. He turned from the Light as Ezekiel called forth his request. The traveler beckoned. “I ask for God’s Light of The Holy Spirit to surround, fill and protect this Ark of the Covenant and all its contents.” The Angel of Darkness dropped the Ark. He raised his clawed fist in indignation spitting fire in contempt. His crimson wings furled. The dark angel cursed, “I will covet the Ark. Remember what I did with Thera (Atlantis).”
Ezekiel touched the screen of the Crystal Lux portal to steady the Ark. The holographic portal opened, the illumination beam pulled the Ark through the astral door. Distracted, Ezekiel did not see a small round brass object with twelve gems fall out of the Ark. The golden ship vanished. The tiny, brass temple treasure tumbled below into the dark abyss of the burning ruins of the Temple.

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