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Hello! As a productive and industrious worker, my goal is to produce excellence in my writing and the relationships I cultivate. I aspire to be on a team that promotes equity, global diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, and holistic wellness.

I write compelling narratives that strike a balance between logic and emotion, facts and personal accounts. Nonfiction ghostwriting on social justice concepts are my specialty. I offer the following:

✓ Translates abstract concepts and ideas into clear and concise words
✓ Thrives in deadline-driven environments
✓ Independent worker requiring minimal supervision
✓ Collaborates well with project stakeholders such as other agencies, funders, and internal staff
✓ Experienced Windows and Mac OSX user
✓ Skilled at new and evolving technology: cloud-based collaborative platforms, CRM databases, including grant and relationship tracking with case management outputs

* SOLIDARITY to build and strengthen coalitions from people of diverse backgrounds
* UNDERSTANDING of shared experiences and emotions
* COMPASSION to drive my moral GPS
* RESILIENCE to tackle and fight for all the is right, for all that is good in our communities
* COURAGE to overcome challenges to upholding one's integrity
* CREATIVITY in finding innovative ways to dismantle glass walls and supporting one another to climb the mountains of EQUITY

Thank you so much! Please feel free to reach out regarding my writing samples.
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Eileen Torio
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