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Writers, Wordsmiths, Intellectual Workers, & Citizens Who Want a Voice

No matter how one approaches looking at life today, one point is obvious. Wage earners are struggling as much as they’ve ever struggled in the past century or so.

At the same time, unions in the United States are at their lowest ebb in at least eighty or ninety years. Thus, the organizations and organizing that led to higher wages, safer working conditions, more educational and social and recreational opportunities—in other words unions—are weakest just when working people need them the most.

The National Writers Union At-Large chapter believes that we have a mandate to do something about that. Our organizational by-laws direct us to unionize among ‘all the communities of writers’ with a U.S. connection.

“If You Write, You’re In!”

What that means in practical terms is that at least a portion of the forty-two million WordPress blogs, at least a tiny fraction of the hundreds of millions of FaceBook pages, at least a small chunk of the lawyers and students and elderly and generally frustrated citizens who ever use words to express themselves belong in this union.

Obviously, this little list could continue, but we fervently hope—and given time, hard work, and a little luck, fully intend—to help in transforming ourselves into a huge union that can stick up for both professional writers and any citizen who ever has occasion to use words or want a voice in how things happen.

Basically, our point-of-view is both visionary and practical. In essence, “We Want to Build a Union That Will Help Working People Be Powerful & Successful,” as Chapter Chair Jim Hickey recently wrote.

A wise voice from within the union pointed out early in 2014 that such hopes depend, ultimately, on bringing people on board one-by-one. If this thinking makes sense to any reader, that person should get in touch.

We’d like to have a conversation about building something that at the very least would give working people a chance to have a mightier voice and more potent participation to advance their best interests in a troubled world.