Sherri Rosen

Sherri Rosen has worked in publicity in New York City for 15 years and gives “a powerful voice to people and books that are doing good things in the world.”  The first book she promoted remained on the NY Times Bestseller List for 63 weeks.  She writes a weekly blog on her website Redhead’s Rap.  She also writes for two online magazines Elephant Journal and The Good Men Project.  
Publicity From The Trenches is a detailed but simple book on publicity written by Sherri to help anyone who is a first time author or authors who have written for many years. So many authors are unaware of the business end of selling their book and this book is devoted to helping them understand the complexities of publicity and how important it is to let people know about your book. Whether you are doing publicity yourself or hiring a freelance publicist or the publisher has a publicist working on publicity for you, the information in this book is important for you to know and understand. It will help you move through the maze of all the changes in publicity during the last few years.
In our new world of digital media, where so many people lie about who they are as they hide behind false names, distorted images and profiles, it is refreshing to hear BOLD, UNAPOLOGETIC TRUTH.
SHERRI ROSEN, author of GIVE ME YOUR TRUTH, breaks with tradition, upholding the time-tested formula of hard work, honesty, sincerity, integrity, and truth. Sprinkling a little ‘pixie dust’ over her clients visions, dreams, and goals, combined with her boldness, tenacity, and unrelenting spirit, her MAGIC formula is guaranteed to bring success. We should know …it worked for us!!
This beautiful, sexy, classy, and fiery redhead hasn’t made it through this life on her looks alone, although she could have. Her uncanny intuition along with her many long-time, powerful, business ‘connections’ have afforded her a multitude of avenues and outlets she can pursue as she publicizes works from the beginning author to the more famously acclaimed writers and artists. This woman is amazing!
Award Winning Book
Give Me Your Truth
​Winner 2012 USA Book News
Honorable Mention at the New
England Book Festival 2012

General Non-Fiction
GIVE ME YOUR TRUTH weaves a magical tapestry for honesty, integrity and self-awareness! 
Read GIVE ME YOUR TRUTH. Follow Sherri’s prescription for success and become successful.
Most importantly, become TRUTHFUL with yourself and change your life. After all, you have to live with yourself ~ forever.
By Xandra “Sunny” Moon & Lee Abzu
August 8, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
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Sometimes, to become a better writer you need to try new things and push your own boundaries. Why not do that with the help of one of NYC’s most celebrated publicists? Sherri Rosen (of Sherri Rosen Publicity New York) guides the writer through the process of looking at life anew while giving insightful promotional and publicity ideas for authors. For the seasoned veteran or a writer working through self-publishing their first manuscript, Sherri’s insight and experience in the field of book publicity will leave you with new things to try, as well as push you to try on a new hat and write about something different. A must have for writers that are looking to spread their wings and fly.