Lee Christine Brownlee

Lee BrownleeLee Christine Brownlee (nom de plume) was born and raised in San Francisco in the old Italian tradition. She has two grown children, and enjoyed many years living on the San Francisco Peninsula. Lee worked over 50 years of her life while continuing her education, studying everything that was of interest, filling her life with family, creativity, and beauty. 

Spreading her wings at 62 years of age, Lee took a flight to New York with her husband experiencing a new world with surprising adventures. She worked at Columbia University for a few years, before moving to Virginia and again settling down to write her first book. A book assisting the new and established office support person from a Clerk to Executive Assistant and Office Manager a step by step guide to building a professional working platform to achieve personal and business goals.

After her husband’s passing, filled with emotion, Lee became interested in writing poetry, so back to school she went to study and understand poetry at Gotham Writer’s Workshop in NYC. Moving back to New York City to advance her career in writing and having her work published, always continuing her education.

Today, another impressive level of her career. Lee now writes her poetry and fills the open slots of time writing articles for business and magazines. Her first book of poetry is being published by Tate Publishing and is in production at this time. The release date is June 2016.  

Lee Brownlee. Final Book Cover ReleaseOver 200 pages of poetry to capture your emotion and take you to beautiful places and scenes you’ll enjoy. You will want to take a ride on your Memory-Go-Round, or Made My Reservation for a trip back to happiness.  Say Goodbye to old memories and welcome new loves.  Possibly you would like to review And Liberty For All, or go Waltzing Through The Milky Way. Whether you like Chasing Shadows in the streets, or taking A Stroll Through San Francisco, there is something for every poetic appetite and enjoyment.

Whatever your dream or wish you’ll find it in Heartfelt Emotions.

Website:  http://www.LeeChristineBrownlee.com