Jo Anne Meekins

J. MeekinsJo Anne Meekins is a Writer, Publisher, Speaker and Coach; and the founder of Inspired 4 U Ministries, LLC and its imprint Inspired 4 U Publications.  She creates inspirational products, information and services that:
  • Empower Women to speak their truth out loud, value themselves, and BE victorious over unfavorable circumstances and situations; 
  • Assist Writers to publish projects in excellence; and 
  • Support Entrepreneurs to manage web content, and create products, documents, and promotional materials to enhance their services and brand.

In addition to “How to Self-Publish in Excellence within 10-Days: A step-by-step guide to self-publishing via CreateSpace,” Jo Anne authored the “Living a Vocal, Valued and Victorious Life” 3-volume series; “On Solid Ground: Inspirational Poetry for all Occasions” and “For Such A Time As This.” She has a Right Now Inspiration! Blog and Newsletter; and is also known as the NY Christian Living Examiner on and Inspired 4 U on

How To Self-Publish CVRHow to Self-Publish in Excellence within 10-Days: A step-by-step guide to self-publishing via CreateSpace” is a three-part writing and online publishing resource that includes: 1) Tips on overcoming writer’s block and completing a project; 2) A step-by-step guide that teaches authors how to use the FREE publishing tools of CreateSpace; and 3) Marketing suggestions and proven strategies. 
This detailed reference manual includes screenshots to help the writer easily navigate through an extremely economical self-publishing process that also provides free cover design templates and an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) if desired. “How to Self-Publish in Excellence within 10-Days” was created via CreateSpace, following the steps outlined in this book. If you desire to self-publish your book and make it available to millions of customers online, this book is for you.
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