Gina Humber

Gina Humber & BookGina I. Humber is a national speaker on diversity and education, a NYC teacher and an accomplished author.  She graduated from City College of New York, where she earned her master’s degree in Special Education and a minor in African American History.  

Gina has self published It’s All Good- A children’s book that helps build self acceptance and esteem in children who look different or feel different in a world that minimizes people to categories and biases.  While at the same time gives a true child’s perspective on diversity and opens up children to discuss and celebrate their differences.  Gina has been a radio guest on the Maggie Linton Show on Sirius xm, and on the Manny Faces radio show here in NYC.  And remains to be a highly sought after guest speaker on numerous other media platforms.  Her expertise and frankness on race and education has catapulted her to creating Diversity Is A Verb LLC. This company works with schools and youths org, empowering them with books, educational material and speakers geared to improving academics, social behavior and self acceptance. 

About the Book

gina h. book cvrIt’s All Good is a literary platform intended for parents, caregivers and teachers to begin to introduce young children to healthy ideas regarding self image.  This book is also for children/students who are struggling with negative self images, which is reflected onto their family and peers.  It’s All Good allows parents, caregivers and teachers to use this as a tool, to promote positive discussions. Allowing children to explore and see their self worth and value. Challenging the norms, if there are any?

Use this book as an engine to drive out old patterns and mindsets about those with dis-abilities, physical ethnic characteristics, and those of different sizes/shapes.  “It’s All Good” is to be used to build up positive self images, fostering a global community who appreciates and respects differences, while at the same time finding and rejoicing in our commonalities.

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