Writers Night Out – Third Monday of Every Month


Our periodic gatherings (almost always the third Monday of the month, but watch this page for changes) are taking place at CHRISTOPHER’S at 1920 Massachusetts Avenue in Porter Square between 6 and 8 p.m. Drop in for some or all of the time (see directions). Meet and chat with NWU colleagues in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, where you can buy tasty, reasonably priced nibbles and drinks and take a break from the computer (or pencil and pad or papyrus scroll).

Union social events are always a pleasant gathering of the tribes — a place where writers, both members and non-members, truly relate to each other’s tales of the joys and terrors of the writing life. Our last several get-togethers were fun for all, and some useful networking actually happened. Ask the host to direct you to the National Writers Union table.

There’s metered parking on Mass Ave. Cambridge permit parking on side streets. The Porter Square shopping area parking lot is officially off-limits except for customers of the market and shops like Porter Square Books. (The police watch people who park cars there to see where they go.) We look forward to seeing you there!

For more info: Charles Coe.