What We Accomplished in 2020

Compiled by Your NWU-Boston Steering Committee  
The year 2020 was, to put it mildly, challenging and difficult. But in spite of it all, our Boston Chapter can look back on some important accomplishments.
We kicked off the year in January with our annual Book Party, celebrating members who had a book published in the previous year. The party featured an informative and inspiring keynote by Jason Pramas, executive director of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism.
Despite the Covid-19 threat, our Boston membership has held steady.
Our monthly social gathering, “Writers’ Night Out” became “Writers’ Night In,” held as a Zoom event, which allowed members who don’t live in the Boston area to participate.
Boston co-chair Charles Coe held three “Writer’s Day Camp” events, writing workshops offered to members free of charge, on Zoom.
Member Lisa Braxton was featured in a “Cautionary Tales” event that shared a humorous take on bad experiences with editors and publishers.
On the NWU-National scene, the union has ended its affiliation agreement with the United Auto Workers. It was an amicable split, a simple acknowledgment that the mission and focus of our two organizations are no longer in alignment.
Thanks to everyone who offered their time and expertise to our collective success, from our book party volunteers to our nine-member share-the-work SC.
And we welcome your continued activism: as a Writers Night Out [Writers Night In during COVID19], or via NWU-Book peer advice, or by following our grievance and contract advice, or spreading news of your accomplishments via the Update, kudos, and FB.
Your Boston Chapter Steering Committee wishes a healthy and productive year to all.