About Blogging

by Shannon O’Connor
Some people blog for their jobs, and some blog to get paid. I stumbled into blogging several years ago because I have a hen purse, which I named Ms. Hen, and I took lots of pictures of it and posted them on social media. People told me I should start a blog with Ms. Hen. I decided she should write reviews.
I started writing reviews of everything I did, but it was too much. I decided to mostly write about books, because that’s what I know the best. When I started my blog, it became an extension of my graduate school annotations – when working on my MFA, we had to write papers that were craft essays, meaning we had to explain what we learned about writing through reading the book – i.e. about dialogue, characterization, setting, food, it could be anything.
I don’t write for an audience; I write for myself. I do get views, but I don’t make any money. I do not blog for glory or fame, but to help myself think more critically about the books I read. I have a record of almost all the books I have read while writing my blog. If glory or fame comes, Ms. Hen will not shy away from it! She is a hen of many talents and strong opinions. You can read her blog here: http://mshenreviewsthings.blogspot.com/