California’s Freelance Isn’t Free Bill

At a September 12, 2021, meeting of the SoCal NWU chapter, Jeff Jacobberger, who is the Legislative Director from the office of Bob Blumenfield, the L.A. City Council Member for the 3rd district.  He talked about the Freelance Isn’t Free Motion introduced in the L.A.City Council in early 2021; in August of this year it passed unanimously out of committee. It is now being crafted (written) in other structures of the city and it will be several months ( 4-6 maybe )before it is ready to be finalized and become part of our city laws.

How fast it moves depends on many things, but the cuts in city personnel due to the pandemic is a critical one. It is important that we submit out recommendations for adjustments we would like to see to the prototype taken from the New York law.  

The city budget is approved by May 1 for the following July so the wording must be done by then so as to be able to set aside money for implementation on July 1, of 2022 when the new city fiscal year starts.  We will try and get the wording we need to city as soon as possible.  We will also take the issue to different council members so they don’t forget it and also keep it moving along.  One suggestion made was to be sure and bring pressure by writing to;  Public Comment Form.  This is an important area not to miss.