Bridging NWU and NABJ

Since joining the writer’s union, I developed a great understanding of how important and empowering it is to have a team of people supporting you. But beyond that. NWU has proven to be an invaluable tool for me as a creative, especially with access to trained NWU experts who look over my literary contracts and offer me feedback on standard writing agreements.

As such, as chair of the Freelance Taskforce of the National Association of Black Journalists, I’ve used this opportunity to help empower other freelancers. For example, during our monthly NABJ member webinars, I’ve shared my insights into how joining NWU, for me, has been a smart business strategy. I have unpacked practical ways that NWU has assisted me in growing my career. I’ve participated in a live Q&A where listeners have inquired about this, and some NABJ members have been inspired to join the NWU, which is why I will continue to bridge the gap between NABJ and NWU.