Boston – New England Chapter Report to the 2021 Delegate Assembly

The Chapter offers Writers’ Meet-ups monthly and since covid – continues on a Zoom platform.  It is a popular forum for writers to connect, talk about projects and share events around Greater Boston. A Steering Committee member welcomes and moderates these meetings; Barbara Beckwith, welcomed members prior to Covid for many years.

Most recently, an event moderated by Co-Chair Jeanne K Cosmos, for the purpose of providing members more information on the DA and an opportunity to discuss concerns, issues that may be pertinent to the DA.  David Hill, National VP graciously offered to speak briefly about the Procedure and was able to not only give an overview, but also answer questions about the DA, the Freelancer Solidarity Project.  The event was not as well attended as it should have been; as there are a significant number of members in New England. The issue of better dissemination for these events is ongoing; the reach must be opened up.

Steering Committee Member, Willie Wideman, planned and moderated an event, Self-Publishing.  It as a successful event. The forum was energizing and informative.  Steering Committee Members plan on more events for members.

The Annual Book event is a long-standing Boston get together for first time published writers to be acknowledged, as well as members to socialize and sell books.  The Speakers for this event have been quite enlightening, each year – in terms of writing process, publication, union focused.

Newsletters go out monthly, Barbara Mendes, putting together updated news, events, and ‘writing tips’ by members.

Each month, Steering Committee members welcome new members.  Barbara Beckwith, Co-Chair, is a long-standing Union activist, and continues her activism, together with a Steering Committee of ten members.

The past few months, there has been discussion on outreach and this area of offering meet-ups on Cape Cod, Northshore and Providence is one area that I have brought to the table, each month. It seems to me inclusion and opening up the area of writers feeling comfortable connecting through our Union is a major piece of growing the Chapter.

Respectfully submitted,

In solidarity,

Jeanne K Cosmos, JD, MFA

Co-Chair Steering Committee