Google Books lawsuits

The NWU has consistently opposed the scanning and distribution of digital copies of books, magazines, and other library holdings without writers’ permissions, which deprives writers of income from our personal “backlists”.

Digital copies of books and articles that are “out-of-print” in the original editions or formats divert readership from the legitimate digital editions of these works (in the form of e-books, Web content, etc.) self-published or licensed by  writers.

Libraries are scanning “out of print” books and other materials to create their own unauthorized and copyright infringing digital editions, ignoring the legitimate new digital editions that many writers have created or licensed, and from which writers are earning money.

Instead of engaging in mass digital bootlegging of “out of print” books, libraries should allow writers to add pointers to library catalog entries for “out of print” editions, so that library patrons can find the legitimate new editions of these works.

Below are archived materials from the NWU’s involvement in litigation and political advocacy against unauthorized book scanning by Google and its library “partners”: