NWU-BOOK mailing list

The NWU-BOOK mailing list (NWU members only) is an email discussion list for issues relevant to making a living as a book author. It’s a place to share stories about our work as writers, ask questions, and get suggestions and answers from our fellow authors.

The NWU-BOOK list is open to all NWU members, but no one is automatically added to the list. If you’d like to subscribe, send an email message to nwu-book-subscribe@lists.riseup.net. Subscription requests are checked to verify that all new subscribers are NWU members.  If you have difficulty subscribing or unsubscribing, send an email message to the list moderators.  The NWU-BOOK list is moderated — very gently — by unpaid member volunteer Charles Coe (Boston). Archives of the NWU-BOOK list are available only to list subscribers.

This and other NWU discussion lists are separate from the monthly national NWUsletter and email announcements from local NWU chapters.